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07 October 1864 - the date on which Smith's father, Edward senior, died at home. Aged 59, he had finally succumbed to the phthisis (a form of pulmonary tuberculosis) from which he had been suffering for some time.

When the RMS Titanic sank into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic at 2:20 . on the morning of April 15 th , 1912, dozens of tales of survival and tragedy were born. Some are well known, such as the cowardice of Bruce Ismay, who escaped the sinking ship he helped design and returned home in disgrace, to Ida and Isidor Straus, who refused to part with each other and chose to stay on board and face their last moments together. However, as that terrible night unfolded, there were others on Titanic who saved lives and offered comfort to those who were about to face the icy waters, and yet, these unsung heroes remain largely unrecognized in Titanic’s legacy. [click to continue…]

Titanic - Full Steam AheadTitanic - Full Steam AheadTitanic - Full Steam AheadTitanic - Full Steam Ahead